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The seed for Shelves & Things was planted some twelve years ago when Isa and Gavin moved their young family to Gloucestershire. Together in their new home they went about turning the limited space they had into useful storage. On seeing the results of their labours friends and neighbours asked them to create homes for their belongings too. Realising that there was a need for elegantly designed and beautifully built storage and shelving Isa and Gavin went into business together and started Shelves & Things.

Isa comes from a design background and looks at everything from an aesthetic point of view. Isa declares herself a naturally untidy person who strives for the calm and serenity of a cutter free home and workspace. Having run her own design business and the family household she and Gavin now find themselves a great team.

Gavin is an experienced fabricator working in both wood and metal and has worked for a  number of  London firms producing high end work for prestigious clients. For as long as he can remember Gavin has been making things, he just can't help him self. Gavin started early, assisting his mother in her stained glass workshop as well as working on various personal projects such as a full-sized tinsel fountain aged nine and a wooden cross bow that fired pencils aged eleven. No piece of wood could escape the attentions of Gavin's much loved pen knife.

Since then he has put his passion for creating things to much better use joining forces with Isa to build amazing things for you!

Isa and Gavin's Ethos and Sustainability Policy

We have always sought to tread lightly on this beautiful planet, and we make every effort bring this ethos to Shelves & Things. We pride ourselves on excellent design that makes you happy. Our aim is to design and build furniture that is beautiful, practical and has a low waste/low carbon impact on the environment.

  • We care about our local community as much as the environment and therefore source local suppliers for our wood, tools and fixings. We only use wood and construction materials from FSC approved suppliers.  
  • We use non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes.
  • All our electricity comes from renewables via Octopus Energy.
  • We endeavour to ensure our waste is minimal and are proud to say that 95% of what we discard is recycled.
  • Our sawdust and wood shavings go to a local Chicken Co-operative as bedding.
  • We live within a five minute walk from the Shelves & Things workshop and our intention is to set up a local car pool to use our little electric car.
  • We are fully insured for public and employer’s liability.
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We are in love with our new cupboards!!

~ Cindy and Steve, Arlingham

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The shelves Gavin built were really beautifully made and were a centrepiece for the whole room. The workmanship and attention to detail, alongside creative solutions to issues that arose during the job, left me confident I was in safe hands.
Every time I look at them they make me smile. Thank you shelves and things.
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~ Karen, Cheltenham